Tips for a Successful WebMeeting in Evo

When you’re building your downline, there’s nothing that spreads your message like video calls. If you’re an Evo Engage subscriber, using Evo WebMeetings makes video calling a seamless part of your business building endeavors.

You might be intimidated if you’ve never done this before, but don’t worry! The technology is easy to use. To make things go smoothly and to get that boost of confidence that comes with preparation, try out some of these suggestions before and during your next WebMeeting.

Get Your Agenda Ready

Have your agenda ready to go ahead of time. Consider sending it to the participants before the meeting. Send your participants a heads-up text to let them know (or remind them) that the WebMeeting will be starting in a few minutes.

Start the meeting about 10 minutes early, in case any of your participants join a bit early. This will also give you a chance to make sure you’re happy with your image on screen and to practice sharing the screens or documents you plan to show during the meeting.

Get Your Computer Ready

Give yourself plenty of time before the start of the meeting to make sure your computer and network are working properly so you don’t have to troubleshoot anything during the call.

If you have multiple files you want to show on screen, place them in a single folder so they’re easy to find when you need them. Open the folder before you launch the meeting so you don’t have to go hunting for them. If you have a lot of things to share on screen, you might want to ask one of the participants to run the screen share. Having someone else handle the visuals means you can focus on speaking throughout the meeting.

If you are planning to show your audience specific apps or programs during the meeting, open them beforehand and minimize their windows. This will save you from having to wait for them to start when it’s time to use them during the meeting. Close applications and windows you don’t need open for your WebMeeting. This will help you focus on the content of the meeting. And, if you will be sharing your screen, it will make it quicker and easier to select the right screen.

Help Your Participants

Once your participants join the meeting, welcome them and encourage them to let you know if they are having trouble with the WebMeeting feature. Practice the following so you are prepared for anyone who has trouble joining after the meeting has started: Click Invite at the bottom of the WebMeeting window, click Copy URL in the box that appears, and paste the URL into a text or email to that person.

Now you're ready to go! If you prepare the agenda, de-clutter your screen, and help your participants, your WebMeeting is sure to be a success.