Five tips to look great on screen for your Evo WebMeeting

Don’t sweat the on-screen, face-to-face thing. With a couple of minutes, you can set things up so you look your best for your WebMeeting. Here are some tips to put your best face forward.

1. Light

If you have a source of natural light such as a window nearby, try to position yourself so you (not your computer) are facing the light. If you don’t have a window or it’s dark outside, try to be where a source of light is coming toward your face, preferably not from above you.

2. Camera Angle

If possible, position your computer camera so that it is at about eye level or slightly higher, not below. With the camera lens at or above eye level, you can avoid the dreaded double-chin and showing people the inside of your nostrils. If you set up doesn’t allow for this, it might be helpful to stack some books under your computer.

3. Clear Clutter

It’s a very good idea to tidy up your space before going on camera. If you’re pressed for time, turn on your computer’s camera app to check what’s in frame before you join the call. This helps you determine the absolute minimum you need to do before going live. If there is clutter behind you, you may be able to eliminate it by turning your computer to a slightly different angle.

4. Hair & makeup

On screen, your hair will look best loose (not pulled back) and combed smooth. Keep any makeup soft—maybe a touch brighter than usual—and blot away any shine with a bit of tissue or a very light dusting of powder. Check how you look in your computer’s camera app.

5. Digital touch up

Finally, if you want to cheat a little bit, WebMeetings lets you “airbrush” your video in real time—nothing dramatic, just a little blur to smooth your complexion and cover up blemishes. Inside the WebMeeting screen, click the up arrow next to the camera icon, select video settings. Then in the video settings screen, select Touch up my appearance.

It doesn’t take a ton of preparation to look great on screen. Just a few minutes will give you the look and confidence you need to make an awesome presentation.