Five Tips for MLM Distributors to be Successful at Any Level

1. Don’t compare yourself to others

If nothing is going right, it’s easy to look at the people around you who are succeeding—to look at the advantages they seem to have over you—and give up. Don’t compare yourself to the leaders you admire because comparisons kill. Comparisons kill drive, they kill ambition, they kill futures. Comparisons kill possibilities.

Often when we compare ourselves to others, we’re comparing our chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 27. When we do that, we don’t see the failures, the hurts, the struggle, the grind that everyone had to go through. You don’t see that. You only see the bright spots.

2. Embrace the struggle

I tell people there’s a dream, a struggle, and a victory, and they’re all the same size. Your dream, your struggle, and victory will be the same size. That’s how it works. If you have a big dream you have a big struggle. If you have a big struggle you have a big victory. What we want is a big dream, small struggle, big victory but they’re all the same size.

When you’re in the struggle—which most people are in the struggle—take good notes because when you get to the victory, people will relate more to the story of your struggle than they will your victory. You want to remember the struggle so that when someone is looking up to you, comparing themselves to you and thinking that the advantages you have came from nowhere, you’ll be able to tell them about the grit that got you there. They’ll relate more to a story that leaves them saying, “oh my gosh you went through that?” or “You felt the way I’m feeling?”

3. Treat everyone as equals

I remember a time, early on, when I was around big time network marketers and big time business people, and I felt like they were “big-timing” me. They wouldn’t look me in the eye. They wouldn’t quite shake my hand. They wouldn’t give me the time of day. I just wasn’t big enough for them and I just wasn’t on their radar for whatever reason. I always remember how that made me feel, so I do my best to treat everyone the same, no matter how new they are to the business.

There’s always room to improve on this. I try to always look people in the eye and take time to listen to their story. I try to be as genuine and respectful and nice as I would want them to be with me. Humility is important in this. I don’t really look at myself and think I’ve arrived. I still have goals. There are still things I’m fighting for. I’m in the fight right along with the beginners. I’m shoulder to shoulder, not way ahead. I’m right in the grind with them.

4. Remember the beginner

We networkers sometimes forget what it’s like for beginners—I know I’m guilty of this. We forget what people are going through day one, week one, and month one. Even the simplest, stupidest, silliest questions—we forget that that’s a question new distributors have and need genuine answers for. We also forget that we had the exact same questions when we started however many years earlier. They aren’t stupid questions. It’s just been so long since we found the answers that we can’t remember a time when we didn’t have them.

Be ready for absolutely basic questions. Better yet, answer the basic questions before they’re even asked! When I create online content for my team, I try to break every piece of the business into little, tiny tutorial trainings. I want my people to always have a resource—a place to go to get the answers that they need. I want them to always have a library of information on how to build their businesses tactically as well as the motivation, mindset, attitude, and philosophy they need to succeed. For some people, the tactical basics won’t be useful anymore but for the people that need them, it can make all the difference.

5. Focus on who you’re becoming

Life is not what you get but who you become in the process. I’ve lived by that philosophy. It has been a guiding statement in my life for years. The reason you set goals and have your dream on the tip of your tongue, is not just to achieve another goal. What you’re becoming, who you’re becoming matters so much more than what you get. If everything you’ve achieved in your life was gone tomorrow, what wouldn’t be gone tomorrow is all of the skills, the knowledge, the talent, and the expertise you gained in the process. The real value that you gain as you grow your business is what you become in the process.