5 Reasons to Use WebMeetings in Evo and How to Create one Today

Need a reason to jump on the WebMeetings bandwagon? Here are five reasons to get you in gear to turbocharge your business right now!

1.   Look Like A Pro

WebMeetings makes you look like a pro. With presentation capabilities—like screen shares, mark up tools, and chat—you can present to a large group of people and still make personal connections. 

You can meet with anyone anywhere, anytime, in a slick, professional, and easy-to-use digital environment. Keep the conversation focused; don’t lose people to confusion and technical difficulties. 


2.   Boost Loyalty

Relationships are why people get into the business in the first place. Right? With WebMeetings you can generate deeper, more meaningful relationships creating brand loyalty and increased sales. 

Distinguish yourself from everyone else by telling your story “in person.” You don’t have to rely on static emails, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos to connect with distant prospects and teammates. Text and images might not share the whole story but you can—face-to-face. 


3.   Work Smarter Not Harder

WebMeetings can save you from so many hassles and lost opportunities. Solve problems and answer questions the moment they arise. Quickly relay a lot of information. Make a real connection with your people without all the costs of travel.

And you can record each presentation to reuse and repurpose your hard work. Share your full WebMeeting on social media or cut useful snippets of your meetings and use them to educate, spread the word, and strengthen your interactions.

If you struggle to stay on the ball, schedule a WebMeeting in advance. Never forget a meeting again! And never let forgetfulness stop your momentum. 


4.   Engage Your Audience

Video is engaging! People want to get to know you, learn your story, and hear about your business. It’s much easier to give them that when they are actually meeting with you versus reading your emails or scrolling through a presentation deck. 

Watch how engaged your audience is during a WebMeeting and respond to their signals in real time. You may gain new insights into the efficacy of your presentation style and the personalities of your prospects, customers, and teammates.

Collaborate! This is essential when you are building your downline. Talk to your team anytime. 


5.   Make the Sale

Use WebMeetings to increase your sales and your downline sales! Talking to multiple people at once across the world can shorten the sales cycle. Plus, people can remember and understand better if they can see something versus just hearing it.

If your customers can see the product, see a demonstration of how to use it, and see the effect for themselves in real time, they’re much more likely to buy. If your salespeople and team leaders see you demonstrate the product or how to sell it they are going to have a better chance of selling the product themselves.

Create Your First WebMeeting Today

You can schedule WebMeetings in advance or you can launch meetings on the fly. If you’ve got a prospect, teammate, or customer with a burning question that you want to answer face-to-face today, or if you’re just the spontaneous type, we’ve got you! Follow these steps to meet right now:

  1. Send a text, email, or any kind of message to let your participants know that you’re about to start a meeting and that you’ll send them a link momentarily.
  2. Open the Evo app.
  3. With My Business selected in the main menu, click WebMeeting in the upper-right corner.
    Create a WebMeeting in Evo
  4. Click Meet Now .
  5. In the box that appears, click Start Meeting.
  6. You may need to respond to prompts that appear asking you to open the link, to connect to audio, or to download and run Zoom. When the WebMeeting starts, your face will appear on screen.

  7. Click Invite below the screen showing your WebMeeting.Why use WebMeeting in Evo

  1. In the box that appears, you can click Copy URL, then paste the link into a message for your recipients. Or, select an email option to go directly into the email service of your choice, with an automatically generated message containing the link to the WebMeeting.
  2. Write or edit your message, to tell your recipients what you’re discussing in the meeting and to encourage them to click the link. 

That’s it! Starting and sharing a Webmeeting is quick and easy, with Evo. Try it today!